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  • 獨家代理協議



    Exclusive Agency Agreement

    This agreement is made and entered into by and between the parties concerned on September 20,1992 in Qingdao, China on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to develop business on terms and conditions mutually agreed upon as follow:

    1. 協議雙方
    The Parties Concerned     

      Party A: Qingdao Hongda Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Add: 25 Qutangxia Road, Qingdao, China
      Tel: (0532)2877932   Fax: (0532)2876415
      Party B: Huaxing Trading Company (Pte) Ltd.
      Add: 126 Waterloo Street, Singapore 0718
      Tel: 336 6436        Fax: 3397862

    2. 委任

    Party A hereby appoints Party B as its Exclusive Agent to solicit orders for the commodity stipulate in Article 3 from customers in the territory stipulated in Article 4,and Party B accepts and assumes such appointment.

    3. 代理商品

    “Golden Fish” Brand Washing Machines

    4. 代理區域

    In Singapore only

    5. 最低業務量
    Minimum turnover

    Party B shall undertake to solicit orders for the above commodity from customers in the above territory during the effective period of this agreement for not less than USD 100,000,00.

    6. 價格與支付
    Price and Payment

    The price for each individual transaction shall be fixed through negotiations between Party B and the buyer, and subject to Party A's final confirmation.
    Payment shall be made by confirmed, irrevocable L/C opened by the buyer in favor of Party A ,which shall reach Parth A 15 days before the date of shipment.

    7. 獨家代理權
    Exclusive Right

    In consideration of the exclusive rights granted herein, Party A shall not, directly or indirectly, sell or export the commodity stipulated in Article 4 to customers in Singapore through channels other than Party B; Party B shall not sell, distribute or promote the sales of any products competitive with or similar to the above commodity in Singapore and shall not solicit or accept orders for the purpose of selling   them outside Singapore. Party A shall refer to Party B any enquiries or orders for the commodity in question received by Party A from other firms in Singapore during the validity of this agreement.

    8. 商情報告
    Market Report

        為使甲方充分了解現行市場情況,乙方承擔至少每季度一次或在必要時隨時向甲方提供市場報告, 內容包括與本協議代理商品的進口與銷售有關的地方規章的變動、當地市場發展趨勢以及買方對甲方按協議供應的貨物的品質、包裝、價格等方面的意見。乙方還承擔向甲方提供其他供應商類似商品的報價和廣告資料。             
    In order to keep Party A well informed of the prevailing market conditions, Party B should undertake to supply Party A, at least once a quarter or at any time when necessary, with market reports concerning changes of the local regulations in connection with the import and sales of the commodity covered by this agreement, local market tendency and the buyer's comments on quality, packing, price, etc. of the goods supplied by Party A under this agreement. Party B shall also supply party A with quotations and advertising materials on similar products of other suppliers.

    9. 廣告及費用
    Advertising and Expenses

    Party A shall bear all expenses for advertising and publicity in connection with the commodity in question in Singapore within the validity of this agreement, and shall submit to Party A all audio and video materials intended for advertising for prior approval.

    10. 傭金

    對乙方直接獲取并經甲方確認接受的訂單,甲方按凈發票售價向乙方支付5%的傭金。 傭金在甲方收到每筆訂單的全部貨款后才會支付。                
    Party A shall pay Party B a commission of 5% on the net invoiced selling price on all orders directly obtained by Party B and accepted by  party A. No commission shall be paid until Party A receives the full payment for each order.

    11. 政府部門間的交易
    Transactions Between Governmental Bodies

    Transactions concluded between govenmental bodies of Party A and Party B shall not be restricted by the terms and conditions of this agreement, nor shall the amount of such transactions be counted as part of the turnover stipulated in Article 5.

    12. 工業產權
    Industrial Property Rights

        在本協議有效期內,為銷售有關洗衣機,乙方可以使用甲方擁有的商標,并承認使用于或包含于洗衣機中的任何專利商標、版權或其他工業產權為甲方獨家擁有。 一旦發現侵權,乙方應立即通知甲方并協助甲方采取措施保護甲方權益。       
    Party B may use the trade-marks owned by Party A for the sale of the Washing Machines covered herein within the validity of this agreement, and shall acknowledge that all patents, trademarks, copy rights or any other industrial property rights used or embodied in the Washing Machines shall remain to be the sole properties of Party A. Should any infringement be found, Party B shall promptly notify and assist Party A to take steps to protect the latter's rights.

    13. 協議有效期
    Validity of Agreement

        本協議經有關雙方如期簽署后生效,有效期為1年,從1992年10月1日至1993年9月30日。 除非作出相反通知,本協議期滿后將延長12個月。      
    This agreement, when duly signed by the both parties concerned, shall remain if force for 12 months from October 1, 1992 to September 30,1993, and it shall be extended for another 12 months upon expiration unless notice in writing is given to the contrary.

    14. 協議的終止

    During the validity of this agreement, if either of the two parties is found to have violated the stipulations herein, the other party has the right to terminate this agreement.

    15. 不可抗力
    Force Majeure

    Either party shall not be held responsible for failure or delay to perform all or any part of this agreement due to flood, fire, earthquake, draught, war or any other events which could not be predicted, controlled, avoided or overcome by the relative party.  However, the party affected by the event of Force Majeure shall inform the other party of its occurrence in writing as soon as possible and thereafter send a certificate of the event issued by the relevant authorities to the other party within 15 days after its occurrence.

    16. 仲裁

    All disputes arising from the performance of this agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation. Should no settlement be reached throught negotiation, the case shallthen be submitted for arbitration to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Beijing) and the rules of this Commission shall be applied. The award of the arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.


    甲方: 青島宏達實業限公司  乙方:華興貿易私人有限公司
    (簽字) (簽字)
    Party A: Qingdao Hongda  Industrial Co., Ltd      Party B: Huaxing Trading  Company (Pte) Ltd.
    (Signature)  (Signature)

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